Victorian Opposition calls for Royal Commission into COVID response

The Victorian opposition has called for a Royal Commission into Victoria's response to COVID-19 pandemic

The Liberal Nationals said in a statement that Victorians deserved to know the truth about why the state is in such a devastating position.

"A Royal Commission is vital and it is urgent," the statement said.

"Hundreds of Victorians have died and millions of Victorians are locked down because of the abject failure of the Andrews Labor Government's ability to manage the COVID-19 crisis.

"Why is Victoria the only state to suffer through a second wave of coronavirus?"

Victorian Nationals leader Peter Walsh said Victorians knew that Labor's handling of the hotel quarantine program caused Victoria's second wave, but deserved to know "how did Daniel Andrews get it so wrong?"

The Member for Murray Plains said the Board of Inquiry that Daniel Andrews had established into the hotel quarantine debacle did not have the coercive powers of a Royal Commission to compel witnesses and documents.

"Neither does it have the terms of reference required to reveal the answers to the questions Victorians deserve, answers to beyond the massive failures in hotel quarantine," Mr Walsh said.

"Time and time again, the shocking failures of Victoria's contact tracing have become apparent. We have seen instances of contact tracing beginning only after the tragic death of a Victorian once they were a confirmed case of the virus.

"Why has every other state in Australia managed contact tracing and stopped widespread community transmission of coronavirus when outbreaks occur?"

Mr Walsh said a Royal Commission also has the power to recommend any charges for potential criminal actions, including industrial manslaughter.

"The Andrews Labor Government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is the worst public policy failure by a government in not just Victoria's, but Australia's history," he said..

"A Royal Commission has the powers needed to get the answers Victorians deserve."