Both sides of the debate 

'IT'S not the size that counts, it's how you use it.'

This is the attitude The Guardian's news team takes to its three weekly editions.

While they are undeniably different -- in size, regular features, price and yes, circulation - our news team takes the same approach towards content for each edition. 

News is news, and we approach our Monday editions with the exact same fervour as we would on a Friday or Wednesday.

Our readership is diverse, and as such, we aim to bring them a broad range of news, features, photos, competitions, entertainment and human interest content to suit all three editions of the paper, our website, Facebook and Twitter sites, North West Farmer and a range of other special publications.

All of them are of equal value to us, and receive the same amount of attention. End of story.

We hope that through this approach we will soon eradicate Friday syndrome altogether.

Now, to the elephant on the page.

On council's bridge debate -- why not Friday?

The short answer is: "huh?" but that's not very informative, so here's the long answer: "We did report it in Friday's edition, and indeed before then".

We first reported that the motion to withdraw support for the bridge had been put forward in our Monday, December 10 edition -- on the front page.

We then reported the withdrawal of the motion at 8pm on December 11 -- immediately after the meeting -- via the our website.

Then on Friday, we ran a story on page two under the heading: 'You're on your own: mayor says Wakool Shire won't pay for another bridge study'. This story included the results of the council meeting and took a new angle after interviewing the mayor of the council on the NSW side of the river, which is in fact a 50/50 partner in this bridge kerfuffle. A big 'shout out' to our NSW readers. We love ya.

Then, on Monday, yet another follow up story explored a potential conflict of interest issue faced by some councillors in relation to the bridge.

We've been accused of bias by people on both sides of the bridge debate. To us, that's the best possible indication we are doing a good job of highlighting both sides of the debate and staying objective.