Down the fairways: August 7, 2020

ON Sunday, August 2 a stroke event was held, with thirteen nine-hole juniors teeing off. A big thank you to the parents and others who have gone around with the juniors. In the Nine Hole Juniors, the scratch winner in a three way countback with 59 off the stick, was birthday boy Blake Shepherd, from Dakotah Meehan and Oscar Kingwill. In the handicap, chalking up another win, was Danika Meehan with a net 32, from her cousin, Caitlin McKissack on 36 net.

In the men's division, in the Scratch it was close, the winner on 72 off the stick was Doug Meehan from Adam Laughlin on 73. In the handicap, the winner was Charlie Kingwill with an impressive 64 net from Hamish McGregor on a fine 67 net. In the ladiesscratch it was also close, with Kyra Laughlin on 96 off the stick, from Karen McKissack on 97. In the Handicap, Maree Kingwill won with a fine 68 net, from Robyn Meehan on 73 net. The NTP winners were James Meehan on the 6th and Charlie Kingwill on the 8th.

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