Sporting spirit strong

SPORTING organisations may have been forced to close their doors, but it's not breaking the spirit of their members.

As the Victorian government's COVID-19 restrictions reach it's third month in May, more creative videos continue to surface on social media.

April 18 was meant to be the first round of the Central Murray Football Netball League season, but that didn't stop Tooleybuc-Manangatang and Swan Hill football and netball clubs from creating their own pieces of video action.

Both clubs presented videos of their netballers and footballers passing the ball among teammates from one backyard to another — thanks to some clever video editing skills.

Tooleybuc-Manangatang A-reserves netball coach Emily Siely said her and the senior netball coaching team wanted to put something together to keep the club connected.

"It's a reminder that the Tooleybuc-Manangatang Football Netball Club is a strong community, we're still here for each other and at the end of all this, we will come out stronger," Siely said.

"We've received an overwhelming response and we hope it put a smile on some faces."

Swan Hill's theme was more about enacting their round one match with Balranald, with Swans coach Darcy Ryan giving his players a rev-up via video in the clubrooms.

Swan Hill member Felicity Phelan was one of the people behind the video after her and her husband, senior footballer Luke Phelan, felt flat a few days ahead of the postponed round one start.

"We couldn't believe we were going to be stuck sitting at home and thought there must be some way to get around the team," Felicity said.

"Everyone has social media, so we thought we could do a video on there.

"I sent a message out on the Tuesday beforehand to all the senior and reserves players after talking to Darcy Ryan (coach) and the response was overwhelming, with a lot of people agreeing.

"I drove around to their houses and filmed, and it was up to them how creative they wanted to be."

Phelan said while football is not the be all or end all, it offers a lot of rural areas a sense of community.

"It's a place where members can go each week, socialise and contribute," Phelan said.

"Doing this reminds them that we're still here and that we can get around one another."

It's not just football and netball getting in on the action, with numerous other clubs offering entertainment and other interactive videos on social media.

Swan Hill Jiu-Jitsu owner Scott Fletcher is offering short instructional videos for parents to help keep their kids interested and training.

"I think the videos are important to keep up motivation because people lost their routines when the lockdown came into place," Fletcher said.

"Sporting clubs, gyms and a lot of other social areas are closed, so it's good to have a set time during the week to exercise or learn new skills.

"We froze all memberships during this time as we can't offer them the service they signed up for, but we're still receiving a lot of support as members are choosing to continue their payments.

"I can't thank our members enough as it helps us get back up and running when we're allowed to return."

Voyage Fitness Swan Hill are also offering regular workout videos on their Facebook page.

Owner Jonny Hirst said said it's a struggle for a lot of businesses at the moment, but staying fit and healthy is still important.

"We need to remain positive and want the public to still be moving," Hirst said.

"People may want to recluse, but they need to continue exercising and we want to help the community do that.

"We may not have any income coming in while we're closed, but the members have been very supportive and we want to give back."