Spinnerbaits undergo evolutionary change

OVER the years spinnerbaits have strolled the evolutionary road of change slowly tinkered to the point they are now one of the best big cod lures on the market.
Their predecessors, the old-fashioned aeroplane spinners, were once deemed king of cod lures back in the day.
And with a score board of giant Murray cod to their name they were indeed a lure of legend status.
A fisherman many years my senior and very knowledgeable on the workings of the Murray River confessed his liking for these old lures and their uncanny ability to attract and catch giant Murray cod.
He also recalled throwing them from the bank on heavy lines and pulling them by hand before they sank too deep amongst the timber.
He shared of one occasion where his arms were almost torn from their sockets as he hooked a monster of a fish that eventually tore itself free of the lure.
On return, the oversized spinner was twisted and bent beyond use.
While it is still possible to purchase the old styled aeroplane spinners, the new and improved variations of these once great lures are far easier to use.
When choosing a spinnerbait for Murray cod there are a few things to consider as each and every model is different.
Water depth and current are major factors to consider as is water clarity.
Some modern spinnerbaits now come in a range of coloured blades that are best suited to different water clarity.
Bright fluorescent orange blades are very effective in poor or dirty water conditions.
Black blades are great in hard fished water where cunning fish become harder to fool.
They are also very effective in clear water where the pulse is the attractant more so than the flash. 
What works in some areas won’t in others, it’s up to you the angler to select a range that best suit the conditions.
Head weights and blade configuration are also key factors to consider.
In the Murray River in shallow sections of river the 5/8 ounce DT or 4x4 models are a good choice.
In deeper or current rich water the willow leaf blades in a one ounce head will find depth as the thin blades catch less water.
Most tackle stores can steer you in the right direction for the best model for local waters.
Many anglers are reluctant to fish at depth with spinnerbaits, instead starting their retrieve almost as soon as the lure hits the water.
This method will work in shallow areas or when the fish are really switched on but it is far more effective to fish them deep.
In most cases, we will allow the lure to touch bottom on the first cast, a slow count as it descends allows the next cast to be retrieved just before it reaches full depth.
Versatile in many ways, spinnerbaits are designed to outsmart big Murray cod just as their predecessor the aeroplane spinner did back in the day.

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