Sussan Ley quits post

SUSSAN Ley has officially resigned from her job as Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport in the Turnbull government.

The member for Farrer has been caught up in an entitlements scandal which is currently being investigated, but she maintains she has played by the rules.

"I am confident that I have followed the rules, not just regarding entitlements but most importantly the ministerial code of conduct, and I do not object to the material that I have provided being made public," she said in a statement on Friday.

"Whilst I have attempted at all times to be meticulous with rules and standards, I accept community annoyance, even anger, with politicians' entitlements demands a response and I wholeheartedly support the reforms announced by the Special Minister of State earlier this week.

"May I say that it has been a privilege to serve under Prime Minister Turnbull and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to work on behalf of the Australian people."

The decision to quit was announced as a personal decision by Ms Ley. 

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