Takeaway only continues in pubs, cafes and restaurants

DESPITE some restrictions being lifted across Victoria from midnight on Tuesday, restaurants and cafes in Victoria will continue serving up take away food and drink.

To combat the spread of COVID-19 from March 26, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews banned cafes and food courts from providing table service.

During a press conference on Monday, Mr Andrews said cafes and restaurants will continue to operate as take away only.

One of La Mangia Cafe's managers, Jason Mangiameli told The Guardian he hadn't expected to see any changes to cafes in Monday's announcement.

"If they do eventually change to what it's going to be next, it's going to be hard to work that one out too if you can only have 10 people sitting down," Mr Mangiameli said.

"It's going to be hard to police that."

Mr Mangiameli said when the restrictions came into place in March, the cafe altered their trading hours to open and close earlier in the day, while the menu barely changed.

"We've adapted to that as we've gone along too," he said.

"At the moment because it's been cooler, people want coffee a bit later in the afternoon, so we've been staying here for a bit longer as well."

Mr Mangiameli said he was unsure how the cafe would shift their operations once restrictions were lifted, but said the cafe would slowly reopen.

"Obviously do a few more sit down meals and things like that, that will be good," he said.

Mr Mangiameli said the cafe had adjusted their operations to keep in line with the restrictions.

"At the beginning, we didn't really know, but as time's gone on we've just sort of learnt how to do things differently," he said.

"Such as more food for take away's and being more efficient and things like that."

Mr Mangiameli said patronage at the cafe was quiet at the start of the restrictions, but had since increased.

"I think everyone was pretty worried with what was going on at the start," he said.

"As the news started going out that things were a little bit better, people were sort of getting out and doing what they had to do."