Shift to digital

DESPITE the difficult times faced by local businesses due to the implications of COVID-19, many are still open and keen to service the community.

Swan Hill and Kerang Toyota owner Sebastian Parseghian said his two dealerships would remain open and fully operational, albeit with some changes.

"When we first heard about the lockdown, there was some confusion and I'm aware of other businesses who have closed their doors or cut back staff, but we didn't want to have to do that," he said.

"We wanted to act quickly to implement changes so our customers and staff were affected as little as possible.

"The changes we have made to the way we do business means it is safe for everyone and still allows us to service customers needs in buying a car, finance applications and vehicle servicing."

The business also provides a valuable contribution by servicing the vehicles of essential services such as the police, paramedics and farmers.

But, the store also remains open for those in the market for a new or used vehicle both at the Toyota showroom and Kia which is located on the opposite side of the Murray Valley Highway.

"We've implemented strict safety measures at the store including protective coverings for steering wheels, seats, gear shifts and other movable parts of the car to ensure test drives are still an option for customers," he said.

"We also wipe down all handles and touchable parts with disinfectant every time a staff member or customer accesses the vehicle.

"One of the other initiatives we have further developed is our online presence which includes a virtual showroom where people can do an inspection of cars and also make contact with us.

"We've been communicating regularly on Facebook and are finding the community has taken up the shift to digital very well.

"Our business has remained quite strong despite the new challenges and we have retained all our staff which is a big priority for us."

To make contact with Swan Hill and Kerang Toyota, visit their Facebook page, email or call 5033 2800.