Fungi find at Murray Downs

I saw this impressive looking Fungi (see photo) growing at Murray Downs around 10 days ago. Bill Leithhead, a retired Australian expert in the Fungi area replied overnight to my identification request saying "It is too dangerous a practice for anyone with much knowledge of Australian fungi to try to identify anything at all too accurately from a simple photograph. There are many hitherto unidentified and as yet unknown fungal species in the country, owing to a lack of serious workers in the field. Any mistake in I.D can lead to an agonizing death, and there are often some such tragic cases each year.
Fungi are associated with periods of moisture, although there are certain species which are found after rain in the more arid regions. Much is unknown in this field, and many such species are often only native to Australia. But every year, as researchers collect samples and do DNA studies on them, hitherto unknown fungi are found to occur". Bill Leithhead.
How you seen any interesting Fungi specimens lately? Send us your photos?

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