Are you in the NSW border zone? Here’s how to check

SWAN Hill region residents unsure if they are part of the new, updated "border zone" with New South Wales can now check their address online.

The Service NSW website on Monday afternoon began displaying a border zone address check tool.

Addresses tested by The Guardian, in towns close to the border including Swan Hill, Murray Downs, Euston, Robinvale, Nyah, Pental Island, Beverford, Koraleigh and Tooleybuc were part of the border zone.

Addresses further away from the border, including Nyah West and Woorinen, were not being classed as part of the border zone in initial searches.

Changes to the NSW-Victoria border will take effect from midnight Tuesday.

Border permits obtained under the previous restrictions can still be used until then, but border residents will need to reapply for permits to cross once the new rules start.

The new permits will limit the reasons for crossing the border, said to be work, education or for medical care, supplies or health services.

Those who travel beyond the border zone face a 14-day isolation requirement.

Further details beyond the address search and Sunday's initial announcement were yet to be made clear.

The tougher restrictions have been slammed by MPs on both sides of the Swan Hill bridge.