Hall to fall under the hammer

SWAN Hill Rural City Council will seek to sell Chillingollah Hall, failing any objections to the sale.

Councillors resolved to advertise an intention to sell at last month's council meeting, with community members able to make submissions relating to the sale up to October 18.

If no submissions to the sale of the land are received, council will look to sell the land by private treaty.

Council director corporate services David Lenton said the hall had been unused for years.

"The Chillingollah Hall Committee disbanded several years ago and returned the responsibility for the hall to council," Mr Lenton said.

"Since that time, the hall has been unused.

"In 2012, a discussion to sell the property was held at council assembly, however at that time title had not been transferred to council."

The title has since been transferred to council.

"Interest has now been received to purchase the hall," Mr Lenton said.

"The prospective purchase of the hall intends to restore the property."

Mr Lenton said the hall was in a "poor state" and contained asbestos.

"The prospective purchaser is aware that the hall has asbestos and is prepared to purchase it in its current state," Mr Lenton said.

"Selling the hall to the prospective purchaser appears to be the best way to ensure the hall can be maintained and used.

"The hall will be sold at minimal value, which is likely to cover council's legal costs.

"All costs to transfer the property will be paid by the purchaser. A valuation will be obtained prior to the sale."

Anyone making a submission are entitled to appear in person or to be represented by a person specified within the submission at a meeting to be heard in support of the submission.

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