Swans’ stirring comeback

SWAN Hill managed to keep its finals hopes alive with an emphatic come from behind victory over Nyah Nyah West United on Saturday.

Trailing by 10 points at the main break, the home side came out in the second half to outplay their willing opponents to run out winners by 32 points — a meritorious turnaround of 42 points in a half of very entertaining footy.

Both teams had played seven games and the Swans were one game ahead on the ladder and a win for the Demons was imperative if that club was to threaten the top five.

Nyah Nyah West United started in that determined vein and looked capable of taking down the Swans on the latter’s home turf.

Playing relentless running football the visitors were on top early with Corey and Brent Daniels lively while Zac Caccievello was dangerous and in fact slammed home a very classy goal to be in contention for the goal of the day.

Swans big man Toby Thoolen was in the ruck and winning and doing his share around the ground in the main a kick behind the play as many good followers do.

The Demons captain coach Jarrod Skinner was using himself in short stints off the bench obviously still not having recovered from recent injury woes.

United looked very capable however as it went to the first break having a handy 13-point buffer.

Both clubs managed four majors apiece in the second stanza but the Swans were starting to look promising and were playing with more composure than the visitors as the first half drew to a close.

The Swans were full of purpose as they started the second half now leading to the ball and working to open up scoring opportunities.

As Xavia Elford was winning plenty of the ball and Tim Ruffles was lively and they had the added bonus of Jonny Hirst getting into the game after a long absence from the playing list.

A more organised approach to goal meant that Hugh Foot could lead into space and receive the ball in a markable manner.

Brendan McIntyre was solid on the back line and he was very well assisted by Jarrod Halligan.

The Swans were turning the game around and enjoyed a handy 11-point break going into the final change of ends.

The Swans had broken the resolve of a gallant Demons outfit that in the scheme of things were undermanned in the key areas having no one to combat the strength and height of Hugh Foott and Toby Thoolen.

The future for the victors looks rosy as they now have the bye and will after that welcome back stars in Cal Beasy and Xavier Moloney for home game against Woorinen.

The Demons travel to Tigerland next and will be hoping to include Darryl White in their line-up for that encounter.