Committed to end goal

SWAN Hill District Health (SHDH) has released a community update on the progress towards a business case for a new hospital building, saying it remains committed to "our end goal".

Released via a statement on social media last Friday, SHDH advised the masterplan exercise, conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) with input from the health service and local community, was finalised in late August.

The masterplan exercise produced three broad options for redevelopment, including option one, redevelop the current SHDH site with operating suite on the same level as the acute and maternity ward; option two, redevelop the current SHDH site with operating suite directly above the acute and maternity ward, connected via lifts; and option three, redevelopment on a new site to the current site, location not determined.

Option two is the masterplan preferred option at this time.

As announced earlier this month, a feasibility study is currently underway, and is due for completion "shortly".

The feasibility study looks more closely at the preferred redevelopment options that were produced in the master planning stage. Essentially, this stage tests if the preferred plans would work and be able to meet the community's future health service needs.

According to the update, once the feasibility study is completed, SHDH will work with DHHS to progress to a business case to be presented to the state government.

It was also noted the business case may indicate the redevelopment be done in stages, with stage one works, such as a new emergency department, radiology department, main entry and acute and maternity ward, likely to be prioritised.

"Swan Hill District Health would like to acknowledge the support received from the community thus far in making the case for new health service facilities for Swan Hill and the surrounding communities," the update said.

"Whilst there is no guarantee of a positive outcome to our endeavours just yet, SHDH remains committed to our end goal of providing the best care experience for our community and together with a committed board, staff group and community.

"SHDH will continue to strongly advocate our case for new hospital infrastructure at the earliest opportunity."