Two new exhibitions for gallery

Two very unique and very different exhibitions will open at the Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery tonight.

Touring exhibition Black Mist Burnt Country will be on display in the main gallery until April 23.

The exhibition explores the repercussions of the British military’s atomic bomb testing in outback Western Australia during the Cold War.

Operation Hurricane saw hundreds of nuclear experiments conducted on sacred land that devastated both the environment and the people who lived on it.

Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery manager Ian Tully said the artists used a number of different mediums to explore the destruction.

“Black Mist Burnt Country is all about the impact these testings had on the land, the people and the exposed servicemen and civilians who suffered from the radioactive fallout,” Mr Tully said.

“Artists started protesting about these issues many years ago, so really we have about 50 years’ worth of art on display.”

The exhibition features artworks from a wide range of artists in varying mediums, including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and photography.

“There are artworks from well known artists such as Arthur Boyd and Albert Tucker, through to some very well known indigenous artists like Trevor Nickolls and Lance Atkinson,” he said.

“There are also installations from contemporary artists working in film.”

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