No place like home

This year's Harmony Day community project, entitled 'Home', is in full swing.

The project involves the creation, and decoration, of thousands of tiny wooden houses that will form a huge art installation on Harmony Day (March 25).

Creative Arts Facilitator for Regional Arts Victoria Kim Bennett said the project would be a great way to unite the community.

"The whole idea behind the project is to be a representation of what people consider to be home," she said.

"People decorate them with their own feelings of what home means to them."

Members of the Swan Hill Wood Workers Group donated their labour to the project and created over 800 wooden houses.

Group secretary Lynton Smith said the group were involved in one or two community projects a year.

"We thought that this was a great project to be involved in," he said.

The wood used to make the houses was untreated timber that was then cut and sanded down by the group.

"Dean from Karinie Building Supplies has been donating most of the timber, along with Ken from Dahlsens," Ms Bennett said.

"They have donated thousands of dollars worth of wood. The timber they gave us would usually just be discarded, so it was incredibly generous of them to donate it to the project."

If you are interested in being involved in the project, contact Kim Bennent on 5032 5269 or via email

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