Junior banned for eight weeks

A junior Woorinen player has been banned for eight weeks after striking a Cohuna Kangas player that left him with a broken jaw.

The case before the AFL Central Murray Independent Tribunal on Wednesday night comes after violent offending on the national field last weekend, that saw Fremantle player Andrew Brayshaw suffer a broken jaw after a savage punch from Eagle Andrew Gaff.

In a statement, AFL Central Murray said a Woorinen colts player was involved in a striking incident against a Cohuna player in round 10.

“The delay in the tribunal hearing the case was due to an investigation that was launched after the incident occurred,” the statement read.

The junior Woorinen player, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty under AFL Victoria Rule 5.2 Unbecoming Conduct.

The AFL Central Murray Independent Tribunal delivered an eight-match suspension to the player.

Suspension will see the player miss games in the 2019 season.

The player had already received a club suspension of two weeks after the incident.

“The Woorinen Football Netball Club should be congratulated on taking a proactive approach in stamping out this behaviour,” the statement went onto say.

The tribunal said they are also sending a message that any type of this behaviour is unacceptable on or off the sporting field.

Meanwhile, the tribunal suspended Balranald player Sam Godden for two matches, with one week suspended until the end of the current Central Murray Football Netball League, after he head-butted a Nyah Nyah West United opponent last weekend.

Godden was reported by a boundary umpire during play, reported under AFL Victoria rule 19.2.2 a) (viii) head-butting an opponent or making forceful contact to an opponent using the head.

He pleaded not guilty, but after reviewing all evidence, the tribunal deemed him guilty of the charge and issued a two-match suspension.

Godden will miss Balranald's round 16 match against Tooleybuc-Manangatang tomorrow.