How we celebrated Australia Day 2018 across the country, in pictures

PEOPLE across the country met together on Friday to mark Australia Day.

Communities gathered for official ceremonies and private events to celebrate the day.

However, it was not without controversy.

In the lead-up, there was debate across the country about whether the celebrations should be moved from January 26.

And on the day, tens of thousands of people descended upon Melbourne's CBD to take part in an "invasion day" rally.

Despite the debate, Australia Day also provided people with a chance to celebrate our high achievers.

Quantum physicist Michelle Simmons was named 2018 Australian of the Year, in recognition of her work in the "space race of the computing era".

Soccer player Samantha Kerr was also celebrated on the national stage as Young Australian of the Year.

Australian National University scientist Dr Graham Farquhar was announced as the Senior Australian of the Year for his work on photosynthesis and food security, while NSW high school maths teacher Eddie Woo was named Local Hero for his online "Wootube" channel, which aims to make maths more accessible for students.

Many others in the community were decorated with various Australia Day honours.

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