Elf on the Shelf ideas to get you through to Christmas

Are you looking for Elf on the Shelf ideas and inspiration?

At the start of December mischievous elves came out to play in homes right across Australia.

In the lead-up to Christmas the Elf on the Shelf is a toy sent to children’s homes to report back to Santa on who has been naughty or nice. While the cheeky little elves have a job to do, it seems they also like ­getting up to mischief along the way.

But now we’re two weeks in, some elves might be struggling to come up with new pranks to play on their families.

Take a click through the gallery above to see some of the inspiration shared by our readers so far.

Is there an elf at your house? 

Elf takes hostages.

Picture: Cassandra Gendle

Picture: Cassandra Gendle

December can be a tricky month. School’s coming to an end, it’s getting hot outside, school holiday boredom sets in almost immediately and ohmygodthere’ssomuchtodobeforeChristmas I’mbusygooutsideandplay. Elf to the rescue.

What you need: As many elves as it takes to guard the contraband.

Fart in a jar Elf: the ultimate mystery.

Picture: Jodie Stewart

Picture: Jodie Stewart

Let’s face it, this one has all the elements: mystery, suspense and, most importantly, the most hilarious of all bodily functions (or so kids seem to think). Now this one sounds dangerous and the story is just full of holes, but it’ll have them chuckling like there’s no tomorrow. How did the elf get in there? Why did the elf get in there? Who put the lid on? Why didn’t he fart while the lid was still off? So many questions, so little time to answer.

What you need: one elf, one jar, and a note. Bonus points if you can seal in some steamed broccoli fumes. That’ll really get them.

Hot tub party, elf style.

Picture: Jess Neilsen

Picture: Jess Neilsen

Ignoring the fact it’s probably 40 degrees outside, apparently elves are cold all year round – must be something about being from the north pole. And they’re very busy little critters, so they need a bath. Double-down and make it a hot tub party!

What you need: all the elves you’ve got, extra family members or guests, a bag of cotton balls, a tiny towel or two and a hotel shampoo.

Selfie Elf.

It wouldn’t be the festive season without 100 selfies for you or the kids, so why wouldn’t an elf be the same? Set up some great selfies on your mobile device of choice – maybe even use a few ridiculous filters – and leave with the elf of the house just in time for the kids to find the set-up and marvel at how technologically advanced their elf is.

What you need: as many elves as you want, a tablet, phone or ipod, two reversible sequin cushions (optional).

Guilt trip Elf gets jobs done.

Picture: Kelly Monley

Picture: Kelly Monley

Hey, why not use the elf to your advantage? You know, you can make any old task into a rhyme. “Roses are red, violets are blue, be nice to each other or I’ll tell Santa on you!” is a great start. “Christmas is near, the elves are about, please be a dear, and put the bins out” has a nice ring to it, too.

What you need: One elf, one mirror, one rhyme and a texta.

Mechanic elf, for those last-minute repairs.

FINALLY, an elf that’s not making a mess or causing havoc. Actually being quite helpful. This right here is a Christmas miracle. Maybe leave it near something that’s broken and see if anyone else in the house catches the hint. If not, well, you’ve still made it through another night of Elf on the Shelf.

What you need: one elf, one toy car/tractor/motorbike, several blocks or something to raise the car on, toy tools. Vegemite for oil stains optional.

Snowman kidnapper Elf.

Maybe the elf didn’t really think this one through, coming all the way from the North Pole just as we’re about to head into a heatwave – sorry, summer. Prepare for either awkward questions or tears as they realise it’s bye, bye Olaf.

What you need: One elf, a small plate, tiny piece of carrot, two forked twigs, three peppercorns, two fake eyes and some water. 

Treasure hunt Elf.

Picture: Zara Infante

Picture: Zara Infante

One elf, hyped-up kids, a bit of sugar and an activity that could keep them occupied for a good couple of hours if you really want to – what’s not to love? Hide some treats, set up the elf with the note and let the little ones at it while you get stuff done.

What you need: one elf, one note, booty for the treasure hunt (we suggest candy canes).

Elf makes an important announcement.

Picture: Chelsea Neems

Picture: Chelsea Neems

Granted, this one would take some serious effort and won’t apply to everyone, but if you’ve got big news, this could be the way to go about it.

What you need: one elf, a pregnancy test and somewhere comfortable for the elf to lay their head. Maybe a support team as well.

Elf goes on a post-it rampage.

Find a surface, any surface. Maybe it’s the TV, maybe it’s the bathroom mirror, maybe it’s the skateboard. Sticky-note the heck out of it, throw on a few stickers and a bit of graffiti and voila, Elf on the Shelf is taken care of for another night. Bonus points for colour variety, banter and messages, jokes or riddles on the underside of the notes.

What you need: one elf, post-it notes, a surface, some stickers, textas or pen. 

Elf makes some new fruity friends.

Picture: Hannah Lee

Picture: Hannah Lee

Bello. Luk at tu! Tulaliloo ti amo. Bee do bee do bee do. Minionese, huh? Turns out these tricky elves can be good pals with the hilarious homemade minions hiding in the fruit bowl.

What you need: one elf, bananas, a texta and a true love of Minions.

Rave Elf and friends

Nothing says Christmas spirit like spending time with friends and family with music in the background. Rig up a box, hang some lights and invite all the elf’s friends around for some celebrations.

What you need: One elf, several friends, small cardboard box, some string, fairy lights, texta. Run a sweet Spotify playlist through an ipod for bonus points.

How the heck did you get in there Elf.

This one baffled us, but after a bit of research, we’re confident it’s possible.

What you need: one elf, one large balloon (might as well get a whole packet, just in case) and a fair bit of patience. Blow the balloon up and slowly let out the air a couple of times, fold the elf in half, work the balloon around it, then blow the balloon up again and tie off. Clear as mud? Here’s a guide. 

Christmas Eve Elf – it’s almost over.

Naughty Chuckles at the Mayne St cafe in Gulgong. Photo: Stephanie Limn

Naughty Chuckles at the Mayne St cafe in Gulgong. Photo: Stephanie Limn

Well, really, Christmas Eve is a Sunday, but you get the drift. After a hectic few weeks of planning, purchasing, hiding, hiding again, whycan’tyoustayoutofthatcupboard, re-hiding, wrapping and placing under the tree, you’ve earned it. And so has the elf, who has somehow kept everyone on their toes for the last 23 days.

What you need: As many elves as you like (no one likes to party alone), 12 small cups, two ping pong balls, one sign and a ready-to-party attitude. Tell the others it’s BYO.

And of course, if you just. can’t. keep going, there’s always this.

What you need: One elf, a tissue or two, electrical tape and a texta. Glass of celebratory wine is optional.

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