Tina and Teddy Plonsker.

Tina and Teddy Plonsker.

Christmas decorations can be something we forget to update.

You pull them out once a year, put them up for a month or maybe two if you find yourself too busy to pull them down and then back in the box they go.

You might have an item as old as your child or that you bought when you first moved into your current home. 

That once red piece of tinsel or ancient looking bauble may even have been around for a decade or two. 

Or, as in the case of the Plonsker family, you could have one as old as your relationship.

Tina and Teddy Plonsker (pictured) have had their Christmas tree topper for as long as they have been married.

"In 1979 we bought it, it was our first Christmas together when we moved out of home, Mrs Plonsker said. 

"Every year I say I should get rid of her, throw her in the bin, but I can't she's too old now."

The many celebrations where the tree topper has been the feature of the Christmas tree have given her a sentimental value which makes her hard to replace.

Mrs Plonsker was just 18 when she bought the tree topper.

"She's older than my kids and looking her age a bit now, but she's still going on the tree this year," Mrs Plonsker said. 

The couple, originally from Melbourne, moved to Nyah West 30 years ago. 

After a few years on the farm they then relocated to Swan Hill. 

Their Christmas traditions have changed a little over the years, with a few more grand kids to involve these days, but the couple agree it's Mrs Plonsker who is the primary decorator.

Many of the other decorations have been subject to a trade over the years, swapped out for a shiny new replacement as they started to show their age, but not the tree topper. 

"She still looks the part, she's still good," Mrs Plonsker said. 

The tree at the Plonsker household went up on December 1, with the tree topper taking her prized position again this year, and for many more to come.

For more Christmas stories pick up a copy of this Friday's paper [December 8] which features our complete Christmas Guide. 

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