Board takes aim at Blues

KERANG Football Netball Club on Tuesday night declined to comment on allegations they have breached the AFL Victoria Country Cybersafety Policy.

The Central Murray Football Netball League Board on Tuesday afternoon launched an investigation into the alleged breaches, which took place in the aftermath of a heated second semi-final earlier this month between the Blues and Woorinen.

Kerang footballer Bronson Booth was left with a broken jaw following an incident involving Woorinen ace Doug Palmer, which will be heard by the tribunal within the next week following the completion of an investigation by Oscar Aertssen.

Aertssen has again been called upon by the league to investigate an allegation Blues president Rob Fisher allowed a misleading statement to be placed on social media.

Board chairman John Brookshaw said the league alleges the statement breached several local, state and national policies.

“As the leader of the Kerang FNC at the time of the conduct, we believe the club to be vicariously liable for the conduct of their president, its player and its members in relation to the matter,” Mr Brookshaw said in a statement.

The Board’s allegations on omitted facts from the Kerang statement included:

“The Board does not have the power to ‘exercise executive authority’ and overturn the rules of the league,

“The MRP rules and procedures were approved by the Kerang FNC early in the year.

“The statement failed to mention that the Board was acting on AFL advice.

“The statement failed to mention if the Board had accepted the Kerang advice and charged Doug Palmer, the likely outcome is the case would be immediately dismissed on appeal, for a breach of its own rules.”

The Board also slammed the Blues for its absence at the CMFNL presentation night and allowing a video purporting to be a re-enactment of the Booth/Palmer incident to be posted on a closed Facebook page for Kerang’s players.


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