Tiger to face tribunal

AFL Victoria Country investigations officer Oscar Aertssen has recommended that Woorinen senior footballer Doug Palmer be called before the CMFNL independent tribunal.

Mr Aertssen, who was asked to investigate an incident that occurred during the first quarter of the second semi-final between Woorinen and Kerang, made the recommendation that Palmer be called to face two charges. 

"Doug Palmer, a player of the Woorinen Football Netball Club, may have a charge to answer as per AFL Victoria Country Rule 5.2 of Unbecoming Conduct, and I therefore recommend that he be called before the Central Murray Football Netball League Independent Tribunal to answer charges of,

(a) Unbecoming Conduct in that he did engage in rough conduct against an opponent, Bronson Booth of the Kerang FNC which in the circumstances is unreasonable, and 

(b) Unbecoming Conduct in that he did make unreasonable or unnecessary contact to the face of Bronson Booth of the Kerang FNC.”

Additionally, Mr Aertssen has recommended that footage supplied by the Kerang FNC, as well as the official CMFNL vision, be tendered as evidence along with certification from the club that the video is unedited.

The CMFNL board has viewed the evidence and concur with the recommendations and have requested that the independent tribunal be convened as soon as possible. 

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