Mishka Vodka RTDs recalled across Australia

A range of pre-mix vodka drinks are being recalled across Australia due to a risk the bottle will shatter while opening.

Several flavours and a multi-pack of Mishka voda are subject to the recall due to the “potential for glass bottle to break upon opening” the twist-tops, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission advised in a recall issued on Thursday.

Mishka Mixed Vodka 275mL bottles in Tasty Apple Lychee, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Ripe Raspberry, Guava and Watermelon and the Mix it Up 10-packs purchased from BWS and Dan Murphy’s are all subject to the recall.

The varieties are sold in four-packs, six four-pack cartons, 10-packs and three 10-pack cartons.

If the glass breaks there is a laceration risk to consumers, who are advised not to open or drink the product and instead return it to their closest BWS or Dan Murphy’s for a full refund.

Pinnacle Drinks, the supplier, has apologised to customers and advises consumers seeking further information to call 1300 721 920.

What’s affected

Mishka Mixed Vodka Tasty Apple Lychee - 4.5% 275mL

  • Best before 14/12/18, 15/12/18, 27/12/18, 28/12/18
  • APN/EAN single 9300633230227
  • APN/EAN multipack 9300633233105
  • APN/EAN carton 9300633230241

Mishka Mixed Vodka Lemon Lime & Bitters - 4.5% 275mL

  • Best before 26/12/18, 27/12/18
  • APN/EAN single 9300633500634
  • APN/EAN multipack 9300633500641
  • APN/EAN carton 9300633500658

Mishka Mixed Vodka Ripe Raspberry - 4.5% 275mL

  • Best before 28/12/18, 29/12/18
  • APN/EAN single 9300633163679
  • APN/EAN multipack 9300633164195
  • APN/EAN carton 9300633163730

Mishka Mixed Vodka Guava & Watermelon - 4.5% 275mL

  • Best before 13/12/18, 14/12/18
  • APN/EAN single 9300633637613
  • APN/EAN multipack 930033637828
  • APN/EAN carton 9300633637606

Mix it up 10 Pack 4.5% 275mL

  • All best before dates
  • APN/EAN single 9300633644222
  • APN/EAN carton 9300633644482
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