2017 World Chocolate Day is here

THERE’S never a better day to eat chocolate than July 7 – World Chocolate Day!

It’s the perfect time to pull out that bar of Lindt milk chocolate, stock up on white Freddos, or indulge in a block of Old Gold.

Whether your preference is dark, white or milk chocolate, we’re fans of the lot.

One of the great things about chocolate is just how versatile it is.

You can eat it, you can drink it, you can have it by itself, or as a topping, or as an ingredient.

It’s the perfect summer snack (Magnum, anyone?) and there’s nothing better in winter than a cup of hot chocolate.

What’s your preference?

While we’re on the topic of all things chocolate, feast your eyes on this!

Roy Morgan Research findings show more than half of the population eats at least one chocolate bar in an average four-week period.

The majority of chocolate-bar eaters also eat chocolate blocks in an average four weeks, and more than a quarter eat boxed chocolates.

We really are a nation of choccy lovers.

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