Region digs deep for annual appeal

Maya and Archie Henson are encouraging everyone to dig deep for the appeal at the Tooleybuc Sporting Club.

Maya and Archie Henson are encouraging everyone to dig deep for the appeal at the Tooleybuc Sporting Club.

Both residents and holidaymakers gave generously to this year's Good Friday Appeal (GFA).

The local fundraising efforts raised in excess of $40,000 for the Royal Children's Hospital.

Swan Hill Bendigo Bank employees were out in force, rattling their tins by the Swan Hill bridge, while Nyah Nyah West Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers collected along the Murray Valley Highway.

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club and Lake Boga Hotel also held fundraising nights.

The total raised for this year's appeal throughout the country was $17,605,662, which exceeded last year's total of $17,445,624.

Swan Hill GFA co-ordinator Alana McKenzie said she was pleased with the turnout.

"We had a lot of volunteers collecting by the bridge," she said.

"A lot of people were just walking along the river and came up to us to donate.

"We also had a few people door knocking too.

"A huge thank-you to everyone who helped with collecting and to everyone who gave generously."

The Swan Hill Bendigo Bank raised in excess of $12,000 through their fundraising efforts, with an exact figure still being finalised.

Nyah Nyah West CFA GPA co-ordinator Alison Craig said her brigade - along with the Koraleigh Rural Fire Service (RFS) - raised a combined total of $9277.15.

"We started at 8am on Thursday and went until late," Ms Craig said.

"Then on Friday we went a little past lunch.

"Members of the Koraleigh RFS also did a little boat trip along the river and collected $1000 just from campers."

She said many campers stopped along the Murray Valley Highway on their way to their holiday destinations.

"Everyone was so generous," she said.

"Thanks to everyone who supported it; every little bit counts.

"We increased our total from last year, meaning next year we'll aim even higher."

Tooleybuc Sporting Club GFA co-ordinator Tracey Domaille said the club held their traditional spinning wheel fundraising night on Thursday.

"It was a fantastic night and we had a great turnout," Ms Domaille said.

"We raised more than $6000 on the night alone."

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