Contraption encourages extraterrestrial activity

As you proceed through the vast festival space at the ConFest alternative festival, one of the first 'structures' you see is what can only be described as an 'alien beacon'. 

The structure has a mini van as its centrepiece, which is surrounded by long metal prongs thrust into the ground in a circular fashion. 

Atop the vehicle, that is decorated in alien paraphernalia is a tall antenna of sorts, connected to the surrounding metal poles with fairy lights.

The set-up as a whole is something to behold, complete with signs that read 'UFO, land here,' laid on the outskirts of the operation and an outdoor entertaining area.

At first glance I presumed the van was a cheesy festival stop, perhaps a place to get glow in the dark paint experience or a vendor selling alien T-shirts to festival goers. 

However, festival director Kate Shapiro introduced me to the man behind the van, informing me he was just another festival punter parked and ready for the weekend. 

The owner of the vehicle did not provide his details, however did tell me more about his impressive construction.

Climbing down from the roof of his van, wearing a high visibility vest, the punter informs us that his van is acting as a beacon for extraterrestrials. 

The rods help guide the aliens to ConFest, his area acting as a landing pad. 

According to the festival goer, ConFest was expecting more than 10 aliens in the arts precinct last Thursday night. 

However, The Guardian understands there were no official reports of extraterrestrial life at ConFest last weekend.

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