An exciting adventure

For three-year-old Hope Auricht, and five-year-old Ayden Auricht, Friday's train mishap proved to be an adventure. 

The trip from Swan Hill to Kerang was Hope's first train ride, albeit not a speedy one.

Kathryn Auricht, who is expecting her third child, said the breakdown was ultimately a bittersweet experience for her two children.

"It was a pretty bad three and a bit hours, we had no heating in the carriage and we were told we couldn't move to the warmer carriages," Mrs Auricht said. 

"The kids didn't like the cold and they were all wrapped up in my jumper." 

After the initial breakdown caused the carriage lights to flicker the children were left worried, cold and scared.

However, it didn't take long before they made the most of the mishap.

"The kids ended up finding it a bit of an adventure, they were playing peek-a-boo over the chairs," Mrs Auricht said. 

Being pregnant, Mrs Auricht said the breakdown was nothing short of an uncomfortable ordeal. 

She said they were not offered food or water and that there was not sufficient heating. 

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