New adventure awaits


THE time has come for Peter and Valeria Beardsley to bid farewell to the town they have called home for more than 14 years. 

Mr Beardsley was a familiar face around Swan Hill, owning a local newsagent for some time. 

Valeria Beardsley has been helping people in the community as a local doctor after relocating from Russia. 

However, the Beardsleys are in for a sea change and sea breeze, as they get ready to relocate to a more tropical destination; Innisfail in far north Queensland. 

Mr Beardsley cites unemployment as the reason for their lifestyle change.

"That's the main reason we are moving on, to have a sea change and provide employment for me, of course the doctor comes along as part of the package," he laughed.

Mr Beardsley has had to travel 2880km from their home of nearly two decades to find a job.

Mr Beardsley sold their successful Swan Hill newsagency late last year.

"Over the years we employed a substantial number of local people ranging from juniors to seniors and that's rewarding to watch those people progress through the business," Mr Beardsley said. 

However, since the sale, Mr Beardsley has struggled to find the favour returned. 

"I had intended to get work here, a job, just any job, but there wasn't a great deal of interest shown to me here in Swan Hill," Mr Beardsley said. 

"I may look old but I am too young to retire." 

Mr Beardsley has put his lack of luck down to a reluctance to employ mature age people. 

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