Local language lessons

THE introduction of Aboriginal language classes into Swan Hill schools is underway.

The initiative was put forward by Wadi Wadi people Vince Kirby, Brendan Kennedy, Rick Kirby, Millisa Kirby, and Jason Kirby in a bid to "continue the survival of the Wadi Wadi language".

Wadi Wadi is the spoken language of Swan Hill. While still in its very early stages, Vince Kirby said he hoped to get something together soon for a text book.

The group have been meeting up to discuss "the lingustic side of things" and to "strengthen the core of the language".

"For the Wadi Wadi people, this is really important to us," Mr Kirby said.

"We are trying to meet when possible to discuss the outcomes and the schooling side of things.

"It is our first and foremost aim to have the language taught at schools in the area by Wadi Wadi people."

Last month the group met at the Swan Hill Club and hope to meet again in July.

Mr Kirby said Wadi Wadi could be the first tribal language to be taught in schools along the Murray River.

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