Weddings marching to a different beat

Source: The Courier

Gone are the days when lovey-dovey ballads were the staple of every wedding DJ’s playlist.

Today, the bride and groom are just as likely to dance ‘Gangnam Style’ or have their guests participate in crazy YouTube videos, according to After Dark Discos managing director Adam Scott.

He said these days, the wedding DJ was not just a DJ but an event co-ordinator too.

Ballarat-based After Dark Discos was announced in the top five wedding DJs in Victoria for the second year running at the 2013 Annual Bridal Industry Awards.

Mr Scott said taking an individual approach to every client was the key and it all came down to the tastes of the couple – whether they wanted to do the traditional love songs or have the dance floor pumping until the last second of the evening.

He said music was an important part of the whole event, with statistics showing more than 85 per cent of people remembered if the music was good or bad above just about anything else at the wedding.

After 25 years in the industry, Mr Scott said one of the biggest changes had been the growth of weddings that were outside of the box.

“Couples are looking for individual playlists,” he said.

“They’re looking for their wedding to be different from the next person.

“We’ve done everything from crazy YouTube entrances right down to very subtle sorts of weddings.”

But some things had stayed the same too.

He said when it came to selecting a playlist, the bride took the lead.

“Pretty much in most areas she says what goes,” he said.

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