Caring and kicking goals

FOOTBALL and aged care may not be a common combination, but for Lake Boga local Rod Ewart, they are his life's passions.

Born and bred in Boga, he attended the local primary school with his three brothers and sisters, before transferring to the Swan Hill Technical School in 1981.

After he finished at the school in '86, he started work at the local supermarket before making a decision that would give his career direction for the rest of his life.

He began studying nursing at the Ann Caudle Nursing Home, setting the scene for a life-long career in nursing and aged care.

"I went into nursing not really knowing what to expect... I made a bit of a career out of it, there weren't a lot of men going into nursing at the time," he said.

"Working with the elderly in a nursing home is what I liked the most... I always had an interest in aged care, you either like it or you don't."

In his class of around 50 students, only seven were men.

"It's still female dominated, but I think a lot of men use it as a stepping stone into other professions."

For more of this story, see Wednesday's Guardian (June 12).

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